Dr. Lynda Ulrich

Ever Widening Circles

I believe the innate goodness and ingenuity of human beings will carry us past these complex times and every day I discover more evidence to prove that thesis. In 2014, I created a place where people around the world can go to see what I’m finding: Ever Widening Circles (EWC)

In short, we are pointing people to wonderful, newsworthy insights and innovations going uncelebrated in the mass media.

EWC is an excellent antidote to the daily news!

Since the start we’ve had three solid tenets:

  • We will be a place for all, with no politics and no commercial agenda, so you will never battle obnoxious advertising or bias-driven distractions.

  • We will only use sources and include outbound links to long-trusted places of knowledge and goodwill on the web.

  • We will write in a way that feels as though you have had coffee with a very nice, really smart friend, so you will always leave EWC with a spring in your step.

We aim to be the nicest place on the internet!

Good Intention Goes Viral with EWC

Word of our work at Ever Widening Circles made it to the front page of Reddit recently and 1.7 million search requests crashed the servers one afternoon. Some call that the coveted "Reddit Hug of Death," but my team and I call it our “proof of concept day.”

That remarkable day proved that curiosity, goodwill and a hunger for inspired-thinking are all still alive and well!

So why the dentist turned internet/social entrepreneur?

As a dentist, I am privileged to chat with hundreds of people every week, and over the years I noticed that the negativity of the news cycle was wearing people down. Fortunately, I had spent most of my life living in and traveling to unusual corners of the globe, so I knew that what we see on the news was not a balanced picture. I asked myself, "Where were all the stories of remarkable generosity and the wonder of human ingenuity that I have seen with my own eyes?"

When I could find no unbiased place on the web that was telling those stories, I created it.

To date, I have written and edited over 1,000 carefully cited articles about all the insight and innovation being missed by most.

I get to know many of the thought leaders and creators we write about on EWC, and my take away is this: Know more. Support good intention and ingenuity. If we all do that, the world will become a better place.

People who know more about innovation, insight, the wonders of the natural world are not easily dismayed or led astray. They become thought leaders in their own widening circles and make all progress possible.

Fiddlehead Dental

For more than 20 years, Fiddlehead Dental was the primary professional expression of my love of people. There, I have changed lives with a gift for connection, an ease with cutting edge technology and my expertise with cosmetic dentistry.

My husband, Dr. Chuck Verderber, also a dentist, and I were early adopters of the most of the most important technologies in dentistry. We were mastering the repair of teeth with computers and 3D imaging as early as 2003, and have been using tiny intra-oral cameras since 1997!

More importantly, our unique mission at Fiddlehead is to keep the humanity in healthcare. At Fiddlehead, all our systems are designed to so that the doctor can spend more time with patients. It’s “old school” relationships of trust, everybody knows your name, and you get the doctor’s home phone number at Fiddlehead.

Not a day goes by without Dr. Chuck and I sharing laughter, tears or hugs with patients. You only have to visit our Facebook page to find the joy we share with others.

Decades of connecting deeply and quickly, with 30 people every day, have given me a very precious understanding of human nature. The insights in that perspective inform the one-of-a-kind elements of Ever Widening Circles.

DSCN5223 (2).jpg

Gloaming Hour Metal Works

Before there were 3 mortgages, 13 employees, and 3 children, there was over 10,000 pounds of scrap metal just waiting to be turned into life-sized dinosaurs and metal sculptures in our backyard.

My life has always included unusual artistic pursuits.

As a child, science fairs were won with elaborate, artistic representations of newly discovered galaxies. My high school years were filled with painting murals in public places and private homes. And in college, on a tight budget, designing my own fabric and making clothes was a novel and useful skill.

When my husband and I settled into our professional life in Vermont my curiosity about welding resurfaced from experiences on our family farm. I found an adult welding Vo Tech course at the local high school and wholeheartedly dove in.

The night I picked up a torch and turned cold steel into a molten, swirling wonder, everything around me became fair game as art supplies.


Knowing how to weld makes a creative impulse completely unbounded. I’ve used excavated tree stumps, cow bones, farming equipment and concrete in my sculpture.

In 2010, I began passing the torch (literally) to my 12-year old daughter and after turning a former shed into a full-fledged welding shop, we eventually needed a boom truck to move our ever larger sculptures.

To see what my daughter, Louisa, was able to accomplish from such an early age, visit our work together there at BEaSPARK.com!

She and I discovered together that the best creativity connects disparate things in a way that others find delightful, novel and often very useful!