Dr. Lynda Ulrich



What motivates us all to aspire to a brighter future?


For the past few years I have been talking to groups - students, educators, and business professionals - inspiring many with the refreshing worldview I’ve discovered from writing and editing over 1,000 articles on the innovations and insights that are moving us towards a brighter future.

Delight in Widening Circles

I firmly believe we all benefit when we know more about what’s possible. (And there are truly extraordinary things happening!)

With our notions about possibility expanding (daily if possible) we can ask better questions, live with confidence, use our spending habits to change the world, inspire others, be better parents and get behind projects that are moving the world forward.

My public speaking has generated so much interest that I have created talks with variations on that theme that include:

  • How a better worldview can improve our business decisions.

  • How the internet works and how we can keep it from sabotaging our efforts to be our best selves.

  • Why we should believe in doing the impossible.

  • How we can come across two or three wonders every day, before we’ve even had breakfast!

  • For Students: Possibility is everywhere.

If you have an organization that would benefit from a boost in perspective and the tools to keep that expanding, I’d be honored to spend time with your group!

Reach Out


If you’re interested in having Dr. Lynda speak at your next event, class, or meeting, please let us know!

We will usually respond within a few business days and she will contact you to schedule a call to help tailor her talk to your needs. Please let us know your name, business or organization affiliation and a little information on topics you’d be interested in learning more about.

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