Dr. Lynda Ulrich

Connecting the world to all the ingenious people and insights I can find.

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Dr. Lynda Ulrich is an artist and writer by nature, a dentist by trade, and a connector at heart.

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Over the years she has dedicated her work to serving others through dentistry, philanthropy, and now, she is aiming to change the negative dialogue about our times by creating Ever Widening Circles (EWC).

There, she has written and edited over a thousand carefully sourced and cited articles that point to insight and innovation going uncelebrated in the mass media.

Essentially, the EWC team is curating the web for us all, giving us wonderful access to newsworthy content that proves it is still an amazing world.

And now, Dr. Lynda is heading up the #ConspiracyofGoodness movement; a concept that is a simple yet empowering way that each of can use to fundamentally change the negativity and acrimony on the web.

After years of connecting with ingenious and courageous thought leaders featured on Ever Widening Circles,

Dr. Lynda is delighting groups with her public speaking! Learn about #ConspiracyofGoodness and invite her to fascinate and inspire your organization!

At the core of her work is notion that we can solve the world’s most vexing problems once we identify and celebrate the things that bind us together. That’s what she’s committed to finding and sharing.


Dr. Lynda is a well versed public speaker and writer. Lately, she focuses that work on the topic of what she’s learned after writing or editing over a thousand articles on the insight and innovation being missed by most. (She explains why she thinks it’s going to be okay!)

Some themes Dr. Lynda speaks about:

  • How a better worldview can improve our business decisions.

  • Why we should believe in what seems impossible.

  • How we can come across two or three wonders every day, before we’ve even had breakfast!

  • For Students: Possibility is everywhere and the future limitless.

  • Successful Parenting and Possibility

  • How the concept of “Rigorous Intention” can transform education


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